by Didi Hoezen

From sustainable ambition to well-focused action

Circularity and sustainability are the new standard. Society is a critical observer and demands transparency. Many organisations have sincere ambitions, but are unable to follow through. The tangled web of legislation and sector initiatives is more paralysing than guiding.

We look at the relevant rules, the expectations of your stakeholders and your own ambition. We translate this into a pragmatic approach that suits your organisation. Sustainability should not be a source of extra costs, but should strengthen your core activities and market value.

As a network organisation, customisation and implementation power is what sets us apart. 2BHonest: For sustainable impact with a tangible result. More about us.

We advise on

Sustainability strategy development
Circularity strategy and measurement
Carbon strategy & reporting
Stakeholder activation
Reporting and communication
EU Taxonomy
CSR due diligence