by Didi Hoezen

About us

2BHonest activates people and achieves results where others give up

For 20 years we have been guiding companies in integrating sustainability and circularity into their strategic priorities, processes, reporting and communication. We often see companies struggle with converting advice on paper into targeted actions. That is precisely where our strength lies: we have the ability to get teams and stakeholders with conflicting interests to collaborate and make decisions together. We function at boardroom level just as easily as we can on an operational level. In doing so, we help enterprises to achieve the desired changes and contribute to a more sustainable and circular society.

We provide advice regarding issues such as the development of a sustainability, circularity or carbon strategy, stakeholder activation, reporting and communication, EU Taxonomy and CSR due diligence. This includes uniting various interested parties to drive progress in circularity projects. The sustainability perspective of the Purchasing Department sometimes conflicts with that of Operations. How do you create an action plan that adequately covers multiple aspects and perspectives? Customers choose us because we provide results. This power of implementation is what distinguishes us.

What we stand for

Fact-based, visual and interactive

We combine fact-based information with targeted communication and engagement tools.

Passion for sustainability

We are honest, transparent and deliver sustainable long-term solutions.

Targeted action

We translate ambitions into targeted actions for a tangible result.

Network organisation

We are a network of experienced sustainability experts, data analysts, visualisers and activators.