by Timo Elshof

Circular buying

We are striving for a circular economy; an economic system made up of closed circles in which resources, parts and products maintain their value as much as possible, where renewable energy sources are used and Systems Thinking becomes the norm.

As a buyer, you can make a difference. Your organisation’s purchasing power creates a demand for circular products which in turn makes the market shift. In doing so, it is important that you do not only focus on the product itself, but also on the usability and reusability of the product. Additionally, during the circular buying process, you aim for long term relationships with your suppliers, resulting in a new value creation system.

2BHonest helps the buying departments of organisations with the development of integral circular buying strategies. We will support you in forming your impact and business goals, training your purchasers, involving suppliers, and brainstorming about pilots. We will also develop practical measuring and monitoring models which form the basis of transparent reporting tools and impactful communication.

By implementing the 9 factors for success found below, we will guide your purchase department step by step during the transition to a circular business.