by Didi Hoezen

Circularity strategy and measurement

The Dutch economy must be fully circular by 2050. There is still a considerable gap to bridge in order to realise this transformation. At this time, merely 9% of the world is circular. How can organisations prepare for the circular economy? Which standards should be taken into account and how can these be translated into targeted actions for employees and stakeholders?

We support organisations in their circular transformation through a combination of fact-based dashboards and inspiring activation methods. We develop custom-made circularity dashboards for organisations, products or services. These are fully aligned with the ambitions of the organisation, governance and recognised standards such as Ellen MacArthur, 10R model, CB’23 or BREAAM. In addition to these dashboards, we establish a governance structure, action plans and targeted communication to enthuse and activate stakeholders.

In co-creation with Royal Swinkels Family Brewers, we have developed ‘The Swinkels Circularity Index‘, with three core processes as a steering mechanism: circular procurement, circular production and high-quality reuse. This dashboard makes it possible to link circularity to concrete objectives. It provides insight into the processes, makes circularity concrete for employees and ensures that management can measure and monitor circularity.

In addition, we have assisted various trade associations with informing, inspiring and activating members with regard to circularity. We have done this for the shipping industry and the technology sector, among others.