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Sustainability and circularity are complex multidisciplinary subjects. Each issue demands its own mix of expertise and its own approach. One organisation might benefit from a sound market analysis, whereas another company is activated through innovative challenges and hackathons.

Depending on your question, we bring in the right experts, trainers, project managers and designers. Partners we frequently collaborate with include:

Frisse Blikken

Our partner for innovative activation interventions, employee engagement processes and communication tools.


Our partner for the design of reports, brochures, data visualization, infographics, infomotions and much more.

Brightstone Group
Brightstone Group

Our partner in terms of finance, risk, data and compliance. We work with them on integrated reporting and supporting senior management of organizations with complex issues.

De Groene Afslag

De Groene Afslag is a multifunctional meeting place where the enthusiasm for a sustainable future is central.

Ondernemende Gasten

De Ondernemende Gasten make professionals and teams more enterprising. They do this with experiential group entrepreneurial.

Avans Hogeschool

Cooperation between business and higher education in the field of sustainability and reporting