by Timo Elshof

EU Taxonomy  

To make the European economy and society future-proof (against climate change), the EU has developed the so-called European Green Deal. The European Green Deal aims to transform the EU economy into a resource-efficient, competitive economy whereby (net) zero greenhouse gasses are emitted by 2050. Part of this is the EU Taxonomy; this is legislation that aims to support companies with the identification and qualification of sustainable economic activities. In concrete terms for organisations, this means that they must invest more in, and report on, their environmental impact.

We support your company with the preparation for the EU Taxonomy. We help you to understand and interpret the Taxonomy. Using a concrete step-by-step plan, we will guide you through the process of reporting requirements. We will analyse your economic activity from a Taxonomy perspective and make the challenges, risks and solutions for your team concrete. Together, we will draw up an alignment strategy to ensure that your company meets the expectations of legislation and stakeholders. Both throughout this process, and afterwards, we will help you with the report and keep you informed of the latest developments regarding the EU Taxonomy.