by Didi Hoezen


Many of our customers get stuck: they have an expensive advisory report forgotten somewhere in a drawer. They get bogged down in discussions and conflicts of interest and are unable to progress. We have assisted many companies in successfully realising their sustainability and circulatory ambitions. What is the secret? First, we look at what fits within the organisation. If Agile has been recently introduced, we work with scrum masters, sprints and stand-ups. Additionally, we use our own positive energy, empathy and years of experience to break through barriers and move the entire organisation into a sustainable and circular transition. Together with you, we translate these ambitions into concrete project plans for Purchasing, Operations, HR, Facilities management and Finance. We provide targeted action. No paper files – instead we deliver a strategy that we integrate into processes, management systems and communication.



2BHonest en TBI

Together we have:

“Designed and organised workshops for the TBI organisations regarding the circular economy. During these workshops we explained the different circular business models, discussed best practices and formulated concrete action plans to meet the circular ambitions of TBI.”

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