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What do others say about 2BHonest?

“Didi combines expertise on Sustainability with strong programme management skills, which is key to achieve results. Combined with a lot of passion made our collaboration a success.”

Sandra Schoonhoven,
Head Sustainability Programmes ING

“It is a pleasure to work with Didi. She is an expert on sustainability  and circularity and has the talent to connect quickly with the business context of your organisation. Her way of working; no-nonsense, committed, to-the-point and result-driven, makes her an excellence partner for sustainability managers who want to accelerate sustainability programmes and deliver results.”

Wendeline Besier,
Sustainability Manager TBI

We enlisted the help of 2BHonest to further professionalise our sustainability report based on the most recent GRI standards (with the aim of an integrated report including impact reporting). With a background and knowledge in the field of sustainability reporting and assurance, Didi provided an excellent contribution and gave us plenty of new insights. An important first step has now been taken.

Jack Franken
Manager Q&A Hutten

“Didi has successfully managed to inform and enthuse a very diverse group of participants about measuring climate impact and acting upon results. She was able to translate complex matter into a creative and pleasurable event.”

Sharon van Ede,
Sustainability Advisor NVB


“Didi is commited, skilled and passionate about Sustainability. She has a broad experience in various sectors. I really enjoyed working with her.’’

Nancy Kamp-Roelands,
Executive Director at EY

“Didi did an excellent job. Not only by creating the integrated report but also adding value to our business plans. Her advice fitted in our culture and helped me in improve the sustainably performance.“

Marthijn Junggeburth,
Sustainability manager Swinkels Family Brewers