by Didi Hoezen


Empowering Sustainability & Circularity


Without strategy there can be no focus, no impact and no results. What sustainability subjects and Sustainable Development Goals should be the focus of your organisation? From a social and environmental risk perspective, but also from a commercial perspective?


Many of our customers get stuck: they have an expensive advisory report forgotten somewhere in a drawer. They get bogged down in discussions and conflicts of interest and are unable to progress.

Reporting and communication
Verslaggeving en communicatie

Society is a critical observer that demands transparency. Sustainability reports have become the new standard. Organisations must fulfil their obligations, but a report also offers the opportunity to position the company in the field of sustainability and circularity.

Stakeholder activation

The strategy is clear and the plans have been developed. The starting signal still resonates in everyone’s ears. Everyone knows what to do. Or do they? You may recognise this: in practice, energy can quickly dissipate.

Circularity dashboards

By 2050, the Dutch economy is to be entirely circular. In order to achieve the transformation to a circular economy, we still have a big gap to bridge. Currently only 9% of the world’s economy is circular. How can organisations prepare for the circular economy? Which standards should be taken into account and how can this be translated into concrete action for employees?

Circular buying
Circulair inkopen

We are striving for a circular economy; an economic system made up of closed circles in which resources, parts and products maintain their value as much as possible, where renewable energy sources are used and Systems Thinking becomes the norm.