by Didi Hoezen

Stakeholder activation

The strategy is clear and the plans have been developed. The starting signal still resonates in everyone’s ears. Everyone knows what to do. Or do they? You may recognise this: in practice, energy can quickly dissipate. Employees should not only become familiar with the strategy, but also believe in it and translate it into their daily activities. Only then will sustainability and circularity be anchored in business operations. We inspire and activate employees through (training) programmes in the field of sustainability and circularity. All our stakeholder activation programmes are customised. We are always looking for the right mix of interventions that match your organisation. Think of serious games, boot camps and hackathons in the field of sustainability and circularity.

Relevant principles that we employ include:

Assumptions stakeholder activation approach

Case studies

2BHonest en NVB

Together we have:

“Organised a work conference on climate impact within the financial sector. During the conference, the why, how and what of climate impact were discussed with the management of banks, pension funds, insurance companies and asset managers. Innovative and interactive formats were used to motivate participants to take action upon climate impact.”

2BHonest en ING

Together we have:

“Developed the global sustainability employee engagement approach for ING. 54.000 Employees need to know, feel and act on the Sustainability Direction to achieve ING’s ambitious goals and drive sustainable change. In cooperation with Fresh Forces we organised several highly engaging boost weeks in which employees were empowered to motivate, inspire and activate others.”

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