by Didi Hoezen


Without strategy there can be no focus, no impact and no results. What sustainability subjects and Sustainable Development Goals should be the focus of your organisation? From a social and environmental risk perspective, but also from a commercial perspective? Ensuring that your organisation is compliant with legislation and regulations, but crucially also to reinforce the distinctive power and market position in the field of sustainability and circularity.

We offer help in the form of considered choices regarding strategic sustainability themes. We analyse which regulations, standards and (sector) initiatives – such as the Sustainable Development Goals, the climate agreement, EU Directive, GRI and ISO 26000 – are relevant for your organisation. While conducting this analysis we also consider what the market is doing, including the standards set by your competitors. Subsequently, we conduct a materiality analysis in which the various stakeholder interests are systematically weighed. Which objectives regarding CO2 reduction are realistic for your organisation if customers are unwilling to pay extra, but the government is imposing increasingly binding directives?

2BHonest does not work with a one-size-fits-all approach, but determines the focus, course and level of ambition together with your organisation and its stakeholders.


For a company operating internationally in the food and beverage sector, we translated current market developments into a concrete strategy that contributes to the market positioning.

Below you can find the action plan we used:

Circular and sustainability strategy

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  • What legislation is relevant and which regulations and standards apply?
  • What do others in your sector do in the field of Sustainability and Circularity?
  • What matches the organisation’s identity?
  • Who are the most important stakeholders?
  • Which sustainability topics have the greatest impact?
  • What is the social added value of the business activities?
  • What is the level of ambition regarding the issue of sustainability?
  • Which topics can serve as distinctive factors for the organisation?
  • What are concrete and measurable long-term goals?
  • How can these be translated into annual objectives and activities?