by Didi Hoezen

Sustainability strategy development

In recent years, the strategic importance of sustainability has grown enormously. Climate change, scarcity of raw materials and concerns about social injustice are resulting in stricter legislation and greater social pressure to take responsibility. It is no longer possible to separate a sustainability strategy from an overall strategy. The commercial risks and opportunities surrounding sustainability are too great to ignore.

We help companies integrate sustainability into their strategy and business operations, enabling it to be managed more effectively. Based on strategic analyses, we assess the impact of regulations, standards and (sector) initiatives. We provide peace of mind and insight into the sometimes overwhelming list of developments, such as the EU Green Deal, Fit for 55, EU Taxonomy, IIRC, GRI, SASB and the Sustainable Development Goals. We also carefully analyse the market and make a materiality analysis in which various stakeholder interests are systematically weighed up. Together with your organisation, we determine the ambition, focus areas, objectives and KPIs. Our aim is to always raise the bar a little higher.

2BHonest does not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. That is why we determine an impactful strategy with targeted actions together with your organisation and stakeholders. This is how your organisation strengthens its market position and social impact in both the short and long term.

Case study

How can the coffee sector become more sustainable and what is the role of a coffee trader such as Volcafe Ltd.?

We are proud to have supported Volcafe with the development of their sustainability strategy. The new sustainability strategy known as ‘a thriving, sustainable coffee business’ is based on three pillars:

  • Sustainable Profitability
  • Regenerative Practices
  • Responsible Citizenship
Volcafe Sustainability Strategy